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Title: DKT-110
Post by: bookie56 on September 13, 2009, 11:50:07 PM
Hi folks  ;D

Just spent the first 30 minutes looking for the right location to post and find a new topic button......not easy here?!

I have a customer who has the d-link 301 /DWA-111 combination. The router works well when by the computer and there isn no problems with the dwa-111 usb adapter if it is right by the computer.

Of course, that sort of defeats the purpose of having wireless :D

I have tried to help set it up to where he wants it to be....nada. Just one little wall between them? Yes, I am aware of the variables.

He has the original network cable left and I was wondering if we could use that directly to his router dir-301 and allocate ip addresses to the computer and cordless/cord printer and just forget about the adapter.

He is looking for a cheep solution after the time we have spent trying to get a connecting.

Will the router work as normal without its partner the adapter?

I would appreciate some help on this.