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Title: Motion detection is a lie
Post by: unimpressed on September 27, 2020, 09:47:49 AM
I bought this device yesterday.  Returned it this morning.  D-Link claims that this devices does "motion detection". 

What it ACTUALLY does is extremely primitive and poorly implemented lighting change detection.  I ended up getting woken up in the wee hours of the morning because the sensor was adjusting itself as the morning started changing the light in the room.  You could tell by watching the footage it recorded and seeing how the light levels in the video feed would fluctuate.

Turning on a light in an adjacent room would ALSO cause this thing to trip.  It would randomly send me notifications throughout the morning despite zero activity in the room.  Decreasing the sensitivity didn't really help.  Using the latest firmware too that supposedly should have fixed these issues.  Nope.

Ironically, the one thing it's SUPPOSED to do, detect "motion", is shockingly unreliable.  I tested by walking into the room and waving my arms about in full view of the camera.  More than half the time I didn't even get a notification.

D-Link in the past had a very poor reputation for quality on anything other than their most basic networking products.  Looks like in recent years, nothing has changed.  Never buying D-Link again.