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Title: .VOB play back issues
Post by: tecbuilt on August 26, 2009, 02:38:05 PM
We have both tversity and Twonky and have all our movies ripped to single .vob files (with DVDshrink), also the 520 is connected to our network via Cat5e. Sometimes (about 50%) when watching a movie it will fast forward a couple of seconds but the audio doesn't so the audio is lagging behind the video. If we stop the movie and start it over it will do the same thing in the same spot. But if we watch it on the computer with VLC it plays all the way through without any problems. The symptoms are the same whether we use tversity or twonky so I don't think it's the server. Anybody else have these kind of problems and is there a solution? (if we use the jump feature it will re-synch the audio but FF or RW doesn't, plus FF and RW usually takes you to a random spot in the movie)