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Title: Fios Gateway Reinstall Fails
Post by: AndyRonLI on April 25, 2020, 06:45:24 AM
I use my 5222L HWB infrequently. Its a puppy cam, and I dont always have puppies.
Since last  usage I upgraded my FIOS system. New router, New Wifi passwords etc.
My Dlink saw camera but could not connect. Ultimately I decided to delete the device and start from scratch. (perhaps a bad idea?)

My previous installs were done using direct ethernet and then logging into the device to set up wifi passwords.
I am attempting to do this again.

I am getting a flashing green not a steady green light.
When I log into the router, I do see the device with what looks like the correct ip address.
But it looks like the device is inactive (greyed out)
And I cannot use a browser to get to that ip.

Tried a reset of the camera. Turned on/off the router. Plug unplug.

Wondering if there is some firewall setting in the new "Fios Gateway" router that needs to be fiddled.

Any help is appreciated.