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Title: DGS-1510 web interface not working
Post by: jakkul on June 09, 2019, 01:03:20 PM

I have 3 units of DGS-1510 around the office. The problem is, that for some magic reason, the web interface does not want to work on them. I did enable it using the manuals, save config, and it works. But after a few days/weeks, the Web UI shows the login screen and then it is it. Nothing more happens.

I've bought all 3 of them in different periods of time. These are located in different parts of the office, so it's not like these got broken by some accident.

What I do have configured there:
* static management IP
* some simple VLANs
* NTP-simple client
and that is it, nothing fancy.

Telnet works on all of them, I can ping the interfaces, but web fails. I did not configure any special vlan for the management interface.

Reboot over telnet does not seem to bring it back. Pulling the plug seems to do the trick.

Did I configure something wrong? What might be the cause of this strange behaviour?

HP switches UIs in the same network work OK.
Title: Re: DGS-1510 web interface not working
Post by: jakkul on June 09, 2019, 01:49:10 PM
Funny thing is that the web interfaces do not work when I try to log on them from a windows VM within the network. When I forward the port 80 through SSH to my linux workstation, I get all web interfaces to work perfectly on localhost:8888 etc.

Maybe it's something wrong with my network config. In this case this must be something standing straight in my face and I don't see that.