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Title: why has noone attempted to help me through my previous posts??????
Post by: griinder on August 23, 2009, 10:25:13 AM
if my wireless laptop is shut down in hibernation or just plain inactive overnight, my router needs power cycled to resume internet activity. i get "local only" and windows tries to assign a generic ip of now once i lose this connectivity i can get it to work by assigning a static ip, but a static ip will then also do the same thing if it is inactive. this issue does not affect the wired computers at all. i thought it was my laptop adapter for the longest time, but i then bought another brand laptop and the issue still persists. i have also tried assigning all static ips to all my machines to no avail.i have also tried disabling ipv6. so basically i need to keep both laptops on with no hibernation or power cycle my router every morning. any help to this persistent problem (6 months) is greatly appreciated.