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Title: Can I Create a System Using Cell Phone WiFi Teathering?
Post by: MikeSD on April 09, 2019, 07:48:08 AM
I have a system that's working on my home wifi. But now I'd like to have a system, or smaller system that works with a cell phone based wifi.

Can I do this?  Completely apart from my other system. I dont care if they work together as 1.  I'm just wondering if the new cloud based cameras can work with cell based wifi hotspot.

Is this possible?

I have a spare cell phone that can be dedicated to network the cameras

1) Create a wifi hotspot, on my cell phone.
2) Create an account on mydlink, for the cell wifi cameras?
3) Connect and login to mydlink account, using cell phone.
4) Add 2 cameras to cell phone wifi network.
5) Use mydlink over cell phone, for camera video and control

I'd use another phone to monitor cameras via mydlink.  I guess I could just try it and see.

Currently the process is for me to connect my monitoring phone to the home wifi, use the QR code to locate the camera and connect it to the home wifi.

The way I'd do it now is to have one phone running the cell wifi system. My second cell phone would connect to the cell wifi, then input the QR code to connect a camera to the cell wifi.  Since I'm communicating to the other cell wifi, and that phone has internet through cell, that info would be sent to the mydlink server. 

The thing I wonder about is home wifi is ip4 while cell is ip6. Will the cloud based cameras work with a cell wifi, over a cell connection.