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Title: Add-on "ownCloud v9.1.8" for D-Link NAS
Post by: vtverdohleb on March 21, 2019, 09:07:39 AM
[Add-on] ownCloud v9.1.8

ownCloud is a software system for what is commonly termed "file hosting". As such, ownCloud is very similar to the widely-used Dropbox, with the primary difference being that ownCloud is free and open-source, and thereby allowing anyone to install and operate it without charge on a private server, with no limits on storage space (except for hard disk capacity) or the number of connected clients.
ownCloud v9.x requires MySQL or MariaDB v5.5 +. Built-in NAS - MySQL v5.1. For this reason, the addon uses SQLite3 instead of MySQL. For this reason, the previous version of the database is not compatible with the current.
It requires preinstalled addon PHP (free). For DNS-327L/340L is recommended to pre-install the add-on NGINX.
Attention! If you already have a previous version of the ownCloud add-on installed, before the updated saved content, otherwise it will be lost irretrievably.

Add-on Package v3.02
The COM version. (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/terms_of_use.php#activated) (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/images/button/myaddon.png) (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/myaddon.php) (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/images/button/addon_com.png) (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/addon_com.php)


[Download link]
http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/#owncloud (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/#owncloud)
All version: http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/list.php (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/list.php)

ownCloud Forum http://forum.owncloud.org/ (http://forum.owncloud.org/)
ownCloud client apps Desctop & Mobile https://owncloud.org/install/ (https://owncloud.org/install/)
Other Add-ons http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/ (http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/)

Download and install the ownCloud Add-On.
Click the link for the ownCloud web interface and configure it.