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Title: How to connect dsl-g256dg to a modem and configure Wifi?
Post by: adi_vizgan on February 04, 2019, 10:17:02 AM
Hi guys, I have a router-modem that my ISP provided me which I configured as bridge (modem only).
I connected the dsl-g256dg router via cable from ETH1 to ETH1 of my briged ISP modem.
If I connect a cable from my PC to the dsl-g256dg router, I get an external IP address on my PC and can connect to the internet.
But when I connect via Wifi, I get an internal IP address and I can connect to the dsl-g256dg interface but I have no internet access.
How can I configure my dsl-g256dg so I can connect to Wifi and have internet access via the modem I connected to it?
Any help will be appreciated!
Thank in advanced.