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Title: Poor motion detection during night mode
Post by: Skuair on August 28, 2018, 12:09:57 AM
Hello everybody,

I just registered on this forum to expose my problem after contacted Dlink support without success.

Indeed, during night vision, when the room is totally dark, the motion detection works only if we are closed to the camera (approximatively 4 ou 5 meters).
Further, it doesn't work.
In my case, I check the entrance to my house, and if the door is opened by night, there is no detection, while we can clearly see the door opening from the stream.
It only detects when there is movement at 4 ou 5 meters from the camera.

Dlink support advised me to change sensitivity but even at 100%, it not detects any motion...
I tried to change contrast, luminosity, ... but no effect as well.
Of course, the detection areas are set to cover all the image. And during the day, no problem, motion detection is launched as soon as the door moves.

Below, a screenshot of the stream : the red area is not motion detection working while the green area is ok.

Is it a technical limitation due to the distance ?
Or something to adjust ? I spent hours to change paramaters without success.
Any ideas ?

Thank you.

--> Firmware : 1.15.12 (but it was the same behavior with 1.14).