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Title: Cron jobs within owncloud
Post by: davidr1 on June 08, 2018, 04:48:49 PM
I have ownclod 9.02 and vtcron as well as Perl and phpmyadmin.

My problem with the server is you need a cron job to run every 15 mins.

The default is Ajax but only works when you change a page or menu setting. 

The other is web based but I cant get that to work either using my ddns link.

The final version is to use cron daemon.  I know that vtcron isnít a cron daemon from what I have read.

What I have done is set 15 mins in the main page.   I then set the link to the cron.php file as per the owncloud instructions ie /mnt/HD/HD_a2/owncloud/owncloud/cron.php.

The problem is that vt cron doesnít run or set in motion the cron job in owncloud. 

The problem is that owncloud grinds to a halt with one person after a while.  I need 2 users so need to convert to MySQL and to get the cron jobs working.

I am using the most recent version of vtcron 1.03.

Any ideas?

Thank you.