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Title: Playback speed for .avi files
Post by: pspens on May 28, 2018, 04:59:43 AM
I've noticed this anomaly from the beginning of using this camera, but I have finally decided to ask about it here.  .avi files played back with Windows Media Player sometime play at double speed.  Some files play at normal speed, some files play at  double speed.  Once a file plays back at double speed, moving it to a different location on the computer changes nothing, so it appears there must be something in the .avi metadata which encodes a playback rate?  I tried playing back one of the fast speed .avi files with a different program, Cyberline PowerDVD, and the playback speed appeared normal !!?? So this points to the Windows Media Player application itself, it would appear.
I should also note that the sound playback is normal speed, which means that in a fast playback .avi, the video ends (freezes) and the sound continues at normal speed.

Just wondering if anyone has encountered this issue. 

Using Windows 7 Home Service Pack 1 and an apparently up-to-date Windows Media Player.