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Title: need help with dgs1210-28
Post by: becchir2003 on April 07, 2018, 03:48:23 AM
i have two dlink dgs1210-24p on two sites connected over FO on port25
Guest internet conected to sitch port1 dhcp on
local buisiness server connected to switch port 20 dhcp off
i must separate the two lans

i maded two  asymetric vlans on site A (vlan20 from port 1 to 16 untagged with pvids 20 on all ports)  for wifi guests relayed to a dsl router192.168.20.0/22 switch port1,
 the second vlan is vlan 10 from port 17 to 20 untagged with pvids 10 that provides connection with local administration network non dhcp .
the Vlans work perfectly on site A but i need to transport my config over port 25(FO) to the second switch tha i ill create two vlans exactely the same config as site A.

if i change the pvids of port 1 (dsl for guests) and port 20 (that came from my local office switch) the two vlans connect to each other
Please any help or suggestions   
Title: Re: need help with dgs1210-28
Post by: Gattsu on April 09, 2018, 10:31:22 AM
Please disable, "Asymmetric VLAN" to separate VLAN 20 from Vlan 10. On both side, the two switch's should have port 25 set as Trunk mode.