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Title: Can't send videos to Network Storage location
Post by: El Jameo on January 19, 2018, 01:48:49 PM
Hi all,

So I've set up most of this camera, but the crucial and fundamental part where the camera sends recorded data to my LAN network drive isn't working. I've set it as follows:

   Network storage location - \\\Cameras\NayaCam
    Workgroup - <none>
    User name - <user name>
    Password - <pass>
    Primary WINS server -

The username and password I've used with other brands of camera and they work just fine with the same network drive. Anything which I can try? I know this post is short but I'm so tired at this point and my Googling skills aren't that good enough clearly. I've had a look around on the forums here but even though I find similar threads people just say "mine works". Care to share?! :)



Passed the job onto someone else and apparently the Workgroup is important to set. So for anyone who finds this, fill this out! If you use a domain, use that instead.