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Title: Using fan_control to change temperature thresholds
Post by: irha on September 03, 2017, 10:34:35 PM
Has anyone tried running fan_control directly to change thresholds?

Code: [Select]
# fan_control
*** Fan Cobtrol Help Message ***

fan_control b c: for NAS booting
fan_control 0 d : [auto: high/low/stop] open debug msg
fan_control 1 d : [auto: high/low] open debug msg
fan_control 2 d : [always-high] open debug msg
fan_control 0 c : [auto: high/low/stop] close debug msg
fan_control 1 c : [auto: high/low] close debug msg
fan_control 2 c : [always-high] close debug msg
fan_control -L [value] : set Lower (THYST)
fan_control -H [value] : set Upper(TOS)
fan_control -g 0 : get current temperature
fan_control -g 1 : get Lower temperature
fan_control -g 2 : get Upper temperature
fan_control -g 3 : get fan state
fan_control -f 0 : set fan stop
fan_control -f 1 : set fan speed low
fan_control -f 2 : set fan speed high

I am specifically trying to use the -L and -H options, but I get a message that they are not supported:

Code: [Select]
# fan_control -L 49
not support
# fan_control -H 55
not support

Also, the -g 1 and -g 2 options to read the current lower and upper values give different values at different times, but they are always the same and also seem to equal the current temperature. One moment all 3 returned 51 and after 5 minutes or so all three returned 49 and the fan state remained the same. Does anyone have any insight into this tool?