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Title: WBR-1310 and DHCP Reservations
Post by: kfarlee on July 22, 2009, 09:12:58 PM
I believe this has been answered before, but I'm hoping for a better answer, or hope for future changes  :)

I use and depend on port forwarding to support a web server behind the router.
a) the addresses assigned by DHCP seem to be unusually unstable (much more so than my previous DLINK router)
b) If this router supports DHCP reservations by mac address, I can't find it in the config screens.

The result is that my website keeps randomly going off the air.

Yes, I know that I can configure my server to use a static address outside of the DHCP range, but that means that I can't use DHCP to configure other settings like DNS servers etc.  That makes it less than ideal.

Is there any chance for either

DHCP reservations
port forwarding assigned by name rather than IP address?