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Post by: BAMoh on June 25, 2017, 12:49:31 AM
Any idea what would cause 942Lís (but not higher models such as the 5 series) to remain connected (i.e., no red X in the mydlink app and mydlink website) and continue to send out motion detection pics by email but not permit remote access? A reboot solves the problem. This seems to occur after a few weeks. IMO itís not a weak WIFI link issue as the cam can be close to the router. Also a cam can be far from the router and still send out emails.
Please, I have the latest firmware installed and no Iím not gonna call local DLINK.  IF you are a DLINK proxy answer the question here or say you donít know. Fronting anything else only makes the process more frustrating and you lose more credibility.  If you ae a customer, I appreciate any answers as well.
Thanks in advance.