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Title: D-LINK DIR 860L REV. B1 - WPA2 only
Post by: betesi on January 05, 2017, 02:41:01 PM
Recently, I became "happy" owner of the router D-LINK DIR 860L REV. B1
--- MediaTek MT7621AT
--- 128 MiB RAM
--- AC SmartBeam
--- 1200 802.11ac Dual Band
--- MT7612E 802.11an + ac
--- MT7602E 802.11bgn

I did not expect to run into problems in "native" firmware after the purchase of a router.
The firmware in the router - (!) V2.03, while for D-LINK DIR 860L REV. A1 (Broadcom BCM47081A0) - somehow version 1. *
I have not seen anywhere before purchasing the router information about the firmware version, and was convinced that I would see the standard firmware v1. *

As a result, I have researched the installed firmware and discovered the following: in the settings of wifi access points in encryption, there is no point "WPA2 only" and a lack of choice Cipher type (AES)! Available only WPA / WPA2 mode. And, on the firmware version 1. * this is all right.

What a strange thing !? This is something impossible for the router? I could never have thought that this functionality may not be available in modern routers.
Please help me with this mistake made by D-LINK router in relation to this.

How to activate encryption "WPA2 only" and Cipher type - AES?
Can it be done, for example, via telnet or edit the configuration file ...?
Or maybe there is a possibility to install a router REV. B1 firmware version 1. *?
I would be very grateful for the help.
Title: Re: D-LINK DIR 860L REV. B1 - WPA2 only
Post by: FurryNutz on January 05, 2017, 04:42:21 PM

This Rev has the new simplified UI, thus the handling of security is mostly automatic. I presume selecting WPA2 Personal will be the recommended setting.

You can not load Rev A FW on a Rev B router or vs versa. Different HW.