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Title: New DNR-322L - Rev B Firmware v3.01 B04 - Comments & Observations
Post by: FurryNutz on December 29, 2016, 11:31:03 AM
D-Link published DNR-322L Rev B firmware version v3.01 B04, available for download here: DNR-322L - Firmware v3.01 B04 (http://support.dlink.com/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DNR-322L)
Date: 12/29/2016

Problems Fixed:
1. SupportCameras:
DCS-936L / DCS-960L / DCS-2530L/ DCS-2630L //DCS-4622/ DCS-5000L/ DCS-5030L/ DCS-6045L   / DCS-6517 / DCS-6915B/ DCS-7517/. Some other models as well. See release notes.
2. Upgrade to OpenSSL v1.0.2H
3. Implement LANDAP v1.51
4. Resolve camera view window issues on DCS-6517.
5. Update NTP Version to 4.2.8p8
6. Update rules of correction time when synchronizing with NTP servers.

New Features:
1. Update the mydlink agent to V2.1.0-b16

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