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Title: Record 930L output directly to cloud based service?
Post by: larkim on December 19, 2016, 07:33:42 AM
(Posted this inadvertently in another sub-forum by mistake so re-posting here)

I used to run a PC which had IP camera software installed which recorded 930L output to a file on the computer, breaking every 15 minutes or so (can't quite recall).  I pointed that to a local folder which was synchronized with Google Drive and it meant that I had recordings in the cloud as I wanted them.

Is there a remote service anywhere which allows you to point the service to the webcam and have it write to your Google Drive account so that I don't need to keep a PC up and running whilst it records, ideally (!) a free option?  I'm not looking for some mass surveillance option, just a simple way to guarantee that I've got access to the last few hours of webcam activity on my home webcam in case I need it.

Thanks for any suggestions!!