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Title: Version 1.6 to Version 1.7
Post by: SouthPawn on July 16, 2009, 05:14:16 PM
I noticed that one of the enhancements to the DGL-4100 was:

4.Simplified the Dynamic DNS page.

In this case apparently simplification means functionality removed. (1.6 supports no-ip, 1.7 does not.)
1.7 only supports DynDNS and dlink dns.

Having said that, I'm only using the dgl-4100 as a internet gateway/dynamic dns updater.
Gamefule Disabled, SPI disabled, enpoint independent on both tcp and udp connections, DMZ goes to the linux router, logging disabled, dhcp disabled, no application layer gateway, no upnp, just striclty a dynamic dns updater/

Are there any performance/stability drawbacks from using 1.6 given the configuration? (Crashes, etc..)