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Title: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: RamboGT on July 16, 2009, 05:31:34 AM
I have installed the latest drivers/software for the unit.  Then connected it.  According to everything else, it should be working; however, the icon in the lower right of the screen remains red, and states, that no device is connected.  I can hear the phone when the unit is powered up, and off.  I also hear the unit 'click' when the phone line is engaged (someone making a call).

Any ideas on how to make the OS see the product?

Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: amatee on July 16, 2009, 02:52:38 PM
I had the red icon problem with Windows 7 too, although I never knew you could get some sounds on the line. 

The good news: I got the icon from red to blue by backing up the drivers to the D-link unsigned drivers.  If you have drivers from an auto search of the internet, or from MS Update, the device says unplugged or something.

The bad news: I couldn't get skype to find it after that.

If you figure it out I'd love to hear how you get it working.

I'm counting on D-link to put out a new driver for 7 soon.  It should be something very minor for a software engineer. 
Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: user83847 on July 25, 2009, 10:16:28 PM
In Skype, go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> at the bottom click "Manage Other Programs Access To Skype".

Make sure the "D-Link DPH-50U Utility.exe" is in the list.
Also make sure that it says "Allowed to use Skype" under the name.
And finally, make sure that it says "disconnect" in the lower right-hand corner.That means it's connected.

If all those conditions are met it should be working and the DLink icon will be blue in the system tray.
Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: amatee on August 01, 2009, 11:55:02 AM
Thanks for your post user83847.  It seems the update to Skype together with the original unsigned drivers works perfectly.  Looks like D-link won't have to lift a finger for this to be 7 ready.  They should probably put it in the FAQs page that the unsigned drivers are working, while the signed ones aren't, unless that's just a fluke on my system.
Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: mnorton on September 03, 2009, 04:04:29 PM
This does not work for me. I have installed both the original drivers (install failed) and the version 1.1 drivers on the latest release of Windows 7.

The 1.0 release never finishes the install and has failed multiple times after many reboots.

The 1.1 release installs and looks like it is going to be okay when it finishes the install and the device is plugged in it installs a "ZOOM Virtual Audio Device" and you see the DPH-50U icon in the system tray as RED (not present). Even though it shows up red, you can hear it connect when you pick up the phone. 

If you try to roll back the driver to the 1.0 once it installs you get a: "Windows has determined that your device driver software is up to date".

Any ideas?  Any hope for another driver update?

Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: amatee on September 03, 2009, 05:55:10 PM
In my experience once you see the Zoom drivers the adapter stops working in 7.  You need to have Windows Update set to manual updates only, or it'll find the device and update it. 

Here's roughly what you do off the top of my head.  First uninstall the software.  If it asks to restart say no and go to your Device Manager and uninstall the adapter there too.  Put the v1.1 folder somewhere you can keep it on your computer out of the way long term (because I've need to recopy a file or two from there), and where you can find it.  Restart your computer and the "found new hardware wizard" should show.   Pick 'Don't search' and then I think use the 'from existing' on the next screen.  Pick 'have disk...' and point to the folder with the v1.1 driver.

Good luck.
Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: octort on September 22, 2009, 07:09:21 AM
Try this driver (AU-600), I have Win 7 Pro with DPH-50U and it is is working perfectly!


good luck!
Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: AcaCandy on September 30, 2009, 12:30:23 PM
Try this driver (AU-600), I have Win 7 Pro with DPH-50U and it is is working perfectly!


good luck!

I wanted to say thanks for this info. I have been doing google searches for the last few days looking for a solution to this.

I also had the Windows updates to install automatically, and I didn't have Skype installed when I installed Window which also found the already connected device. This probably played a large part in my problem, and I was almost ready to do a fresh Windows installation  :o

So, thanks again for posting this.
Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: techbytes on October 24, 2009, 06:52:42 AM
Drivers version 1.1 works just fine.  You just need to select the Zoom Virtual Audio Device in device manager and update the drivers, selecting the one for DLink Virtual Audio Device.

Windows 7 installs the Zoom Virtual Audio device by default. 

I'm using Skype ver 3.8.

Google Voice (http://www.googlevoice.com)
Title: Re: Windows 7 - 32-bit
Post by: tricky on October 26, 2009, 02:35:42 PM
Installing the Dlink DPH-50U with windows 7

I am using Skype version 3.8 because of the lack of speed dial in later versions.

1 Extract the dlink DPH-50U 1.1 driver to a temporary folder

2 Click setup.

It will load the drivers for the DPH-50U

Probably will say “Device not present”

3 Click Start\Devices and Printers

3 You will see the DPH-50U voip adapter along with a voip audio device.

   This is what is preventing the adapter from working although windows says it is

4 On the voip audio adapter  right click and select properties and select hardware tab then click properties again then click on the driver tab, update the driver and browse to the temporary folder that the Dlink 1.1 driver was extracted to.

It should then work.