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Title: NAS as External HDD in Windows Mapping Network Drive but NO Recycle Bin? FIX!
Post by: Raik on January 06, 2016, 01:19:15 PM
Not anymore!


Many of you guys might be using Linux and/or accessing the NAS thru network or web but some of us just love the laziness and speed of mounting them like a network drive in Windows.
This comes with a big issue, no recycle bin; you know, the place where all files go before you confirm them a trip into oblivion. Well, windows seems to disagree thinking you just want your files gone when deleted instead of moving them to the recycle bin.
This was a disastrous problem for me because I have the "Display confirmation dialog" disabled, so SUPR key is ABSOLUTE one trip to the void. Lovely because NAS+Embedded Linux+D-Link+EXT4+Encryption = Kiss goodbye your files!
Took me several hours to dig out of google the ideal solution (very unusual for some reason). There is software to do it but some is limited and most is freemium/commercial, but there is no need to pay when you got this:

Easy and fast

The right way

There is the guide, all thanks to Russel Riley "rusabus" for the guide. You basically assing a "special folder" in C:\users\<user name> as the recycle bin for EACH network mapped/mounted hard drive. Just a registry hack, easy, fast and secure.

If any of you got any questions ask away. Cheers.
Title: Re: NAS as External HDD in Windows Mapping Network Drive but NO Recycle Bin? FIX!
Post by: davidr1 on June 11, 2017, 01:05:07 PM
Or click on the add recycle bin in the Management section of the share centre:

Management>Account Management>Network Share Settings.

In this selection select the drive you wish to modify. 

In the wizard follow through to the Step 2 of 2.  In the box you will see Recycle.  Tick this and finish.  Now go back to map drive and you can find the recycle bin as a new drive.