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Title: How to Speed up Windows Wired Gigabit Ethernet Transfer Rates
Post by: FurryNutz on November 30, 2015, 01:44:32 PM
First off straight PCI gigabit Ethernet adapters can't do full gigabit Ethernet transfers because the PCI bus speed is too slow. You will need to install PCI-E cards.
Go into:
Control Panel => Network and Internet => Network Connections
Right click the "Local Area Connection" you want to speed up and select "Properties" and then click the "Configure" button.
The settings listed below are available for my Intel network adapters and may not exist or may have different names for your network adapters.
Click the "Advanced Tab" and record original values of any settings you change.  This is just in case you need to reverse them or any reason.
Interrupt Moderation: "Disabled"
Receive Side Scaling: "Enabled"
Receive Side Scaling Queues: "2 Queues"
Click "Performance Options" and then "Properties" button.
Adaptive Inter-frame Spacing: "Disabled"
Flow Control: "Disabled"
Interrupt Moderation Rate: "Off"
Receive Buffers: "2048"
Transmit Buffers: "2048"Ho