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Title: DCS-930l no video, black window
Post by: dnaman on August 14, 2015, 02:19:01 PM
Just installed this. Installation went OK and I can see the video locally by going to the camera IP.

However, when I access the camera via MyDlink it goes through the process of connecting with the camera - apparently successfully since it gives no error message - but the video window is completely black.

Browser is Firefox (3.1.80 ESR). Uplayer is installed and active. OS is Windows 8.1. Iam using the wifi link with the camera.

I did try using another HTTP port. Again this worked locally (after appending the port number to the camera IP) but still no good through MyDlink.

I'm thought this might be a problem with getting the signal through my router and out to the internet but I don't know what .... and in any case I'd have expected the MyDlink interface to flag a problem in that case (even if it's only the ubiquitous "unknown error").

Any ideas?