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Title: Problems, problems and more problems!
Post by: KMac on July 04, 2009, 01:52:16 PM
I replaced my aging D-Link WBR-2310 with the DIR-855. I currently do not have any use for the 5MHz mode but anticipate a need in the near future. I mention this simply to point out that it is currently disabled.

Here are my issues:

- Extremely poor throughput to my wireless clients (~11mbps) which include a laptop, Roku box and a couple of iPhones.

- Daily connection issues with two WIRED computers and my Windows Home Server. When the connection is lost, the web interface cannot be reached even by the wired clients and the only way to get it back up is to reboot the router by pulling the plug on it.

- Multiple references to "received deauthorization" from my wireless clients found in the log.

Overall the wireless signal is OK throughout my home (however less than the $50 WBR-2310) but speeds are simply terrible. My laptop is using Wireless G so I know it is limited but I was getting 54mbps regularly with my older WBR-2310. I have updated my NIC drivers and turned power management off.

I have version A2 with firmware 1.20NA. I am using WPA2 with AES encryption. I have tried setting the router to "G" only as well as mixed and neither seems to make much of a difference. I have also tried different channels.

I am very displeased with the performance of this router. I'm not a networking expert but I do not consider myself a newbie either. I have tried multiple configurations and even restored the router only to get the same results.

I am currently in a 16X80 mobile home until my new home is completed. The walls are about a thick as a piece of paper and I have no other wireless networks close to me nor do I have any wireless phones. Signal and speed should be much better and I am at a total lost as to why my wired clients are loosing connectivity to the network?????

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Title: Re: Problems, problems and more problems!
Post by: KMac on July 08, 2009, 07:29:50 PM
Any suggestions? Anyone? I see others are having similar issues with being unable to reach the web interface even from a wired machine. I'm still experiencing freezes every other day or so and have to physically unplug the router before it'll start passing traffic around my network.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.