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Title: Why no NDR-312 Forum - Question anyway
Post by: MikeSD on June 18, 2015, 11:01:51 AM
I have a DNR-312L but I notice there is no forum for that recorder.  Why not?

Anyway, I have a question that someone might know the answer to.  And it might be relevant to the 322, if that doesn't have the same answer.

When I record to SD card, the video is uninterrupted.  That is, it's really a full video.   The video is the best quality, regardless of what the internet video looks like.  That is there are no missing frames, or jerkiness.  Perhaps it's because the internal processor can buffer the data received and record it faithfully.

But it appears that when I record to my DNR-312L, the video quality is the same as what is viewed.  That's not very desirable.  Is the DNR video only as good as the internet video?  Is there any way to have buffered, faithful video recorded on the DNR?  If not, I guess it's just because the DNR-312L is acting like a client browser and just saving whatever video it sees streaming. 

Does the 322L suffer this same problem?

Seems like a simple solution might be to provide a way to automatically save the SD recordings to a network drive or the DNR-312L.  Possible?

Is there any way to use the DNR as a network drive, so that other programs could save to it?  I don't think there is but thought I'd ask.
Title: Re: Why no NDR-312 Forum - Question anyway
Post by: MikeSD on June 18, 2015, 11:12:44 AM
Another obvious solution, if it doesn't exist, is that some (not sure how many) have the ability to FTP a faithfully reproduced video, without the issues of bandwidth, etc, to an external site.  Why not add that capability to the DNR-312 so that local cameras could FTP to the DNR? 

IS there a way to do that now?  I'm trying to find a way to  get the DNR-312 or 322, to record video that doesn't suffer the artifacts of slow networks.  FTP is one way.  SD local recording is another.  But I'd also like that on the DNR.  Possible? 

I know this could be accomplished by a wireless hard drive but I already have the DNR so why not use that, if possible?  Anyway, I'm sure you know what I'm after.  I just need to know if there is a way.
Title: Re: Why no NDR-312 Forum - Question anyway
Post by: MikeSD on June 18, 2015, 06:55:24 PM
I guess I'm now trying to understand the point of the DNR devices. 

They record only bandwidth limited video.  I connected one of my external drives as a network drive and setup my router to FTP to the drive.  Now my cameras save directly to the drive, with full resolution, at full frame rate. 

I'll probably get rid of the DNR recorder (with 2 drive) in favor of a real network drive, unless I can figure a way to do the same thing as my other network drive.  Any way to get the cameras to FTP to the DNR?

The only disadvantage is the cameras only save 5 file size, per motion detected. 
Title: Re: Why no NDR-312 Forum - Question anyway
Post by: FurryNutz on May 31, 2016, 07:38:36 AM
Any status on this?  ???