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Title: DCS-931L Fails to function after firmware update
Post by: photogopher on January 21, 2015, 03:22:33 PM
This is a problem experienced by others on this forum but I don't see any solution provided by D-Link to correct it.
The suggestion to reset the camera back to factory by using a paper clip to engage the hidden switch for 15 seconds does nothing.  Someone suggested that once this happens to the unit, it's "Bricked", meaning pretty much worthless.
It seems to me that if this is a common problem, D-Link should remove the click on button when logging into your camera.  I understand that the firmware should be updated via a direct router link to work correctly but this is not shown when logging in to the camera's account.  Big mistake in my view.
So now I have a little "fake" camera that does nothing.
Any thoughts or solutions will be appreciated here but judging from the poor response in the other posts, I wont hold my breath.  As it is said, you get what you pay for.