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Title: Email only works sometimes
Post by: astoneface on December 22, 2014, 01:28:07 PM
I recently set up email so I can get motion snapshots to gmail and it worked great until I went to bed then nothing. I got up expecting to find lots of pics to look at but nothing. Started looking into it, then a couple hours later started getting pics again like normal. I didn't change anything, was just googling like crazy and looking into alternative services for recording. Why did it do that? Will the emails stop when I go to bed again? I didn't think I would have to keep my laptop open for these things to work. I also noticed the same thing when signing up for cameraftp.com. The service worked until I closed my laptop then never worked again. I also tried sensr.net but did not have this problem, the service continued to work even after I closed my laptop. I am looking for another service though since sensr.net seemed a bit limiting. I just downloaded ispy and I like it even though it is hard to figure out, but I am wondering if it will still work when I close my laptop. I guess we shall see.

Does anyone know why the gmail pics only work sometimes? Why did they stop and start like that?