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Title: dcs933L no wireless connection
Post by: bill senior on June 30, 2014, 03:35:43 PM
I followed the setup wizard and can't view the camera on my android phone through my 4G network. It says no wireless connection. My router is AT&T. I can view the camera at home through my wi-fi but the reason I bought it is so I can check on the house when I am away. There is no 800 number I can find for tech support.
Title: Re: dcs933L no wireless connection
Post by: iseeu2_lkld on June 30, 2014, 08:24:46 PM
It sounds like your router is not configured to allow the camera to reach the outside world...did you enable port forwarding on the router when setting up?
The set up wizard will configure the camera for local viewing but your router needs to be configured as well, the default port of the camera is 80 so if you...>login to router>access advanced functions in router menu>go to port forwarding>ensure port 80 is checked to forward>save settings>...now when you access the camera from your smartphones browser you enter the IP address of your ISP modem, if you do not know it you can login to router or just Google what's my IP...so your browser on phone will be http://your modems IP.
I always change the outgoing port as most all hackers attempt port 80 first and if the camera/server has any known weakness they are now watching my camera....nice option because we have 64511 we can use...if you do change ports your address will be http://your modems IP:port number also make sure you forward any port you may change it to.
Hope that helps.