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Title: Can I use the 5gz wireless with 5020L?
Post by: kimr55760 on June 20, 2014, 10:46:31 AM
I'm using several 5020L cameras to monitor our apartment building for homeless families. The wired cameras work great but the wireless are flakey and unreliable. It seems a couple get knocked off line every friday evening. :(

I switched to using a wireless N300 Mydlink router hoping it would improve the connection but it did not. I also have the DNR=202L for storage. I was hoping to not have to keep a computer there but I have not found any other reliable way to access the cameras. It worked once when I first set up the system but never again since then. The only thing that works well is having videos and images emailed (when the cameras happen to be online). I tried using Ispy software to manage recording but the frame rate of the video is too slow for the VLC media player to handle.

I am constantly having to use remote access to the computer to get to the cameras when they are not working with mydlink. The java software is a joke. I  have better luck using 3rd party software to record and access the cameras but even then they are constantly disconnecting and reconnecting.

I have three foscam cameras at a different location and they just work. period. I'm sorry I bought the dlink but I'm stuck with them. I would like to make them work.

This is a long rant but what I want to know is will the 5020L work with the 5gz wireless of the router? The building is in a congested area of town. Maybe I would have better luck with 5gz but I cannot find any way to access it on the cameras. Is it supported?

Title: Re: Can I use the 5gz wireless with 5020L?
Post by: RYAT3 on June 20, 2014, 11:05:57 AM
No 5ghz on these cameras that I'm aware of.