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Title: DNS-327L: access permissions for mydlink connections
Post by: dm_paltus on June 17, 2014, 03:07:53 AM
What user account is used for mydlink connection to NAS? Is it possible to configure it? I would like to have some account on NAS for mydlink connections with some restrictions to resources access. During registration process i was asked for 'device password' and i entered nas root password. However i didnt find a way to change this once entered password. Anyway. Now when i create files or folders via mydlink web interface on nas, they have 'nobody' as owner and 'allaccount' as group. And i can remove any file or folder (no matter ownership) on nas. So is it possible to have some account on nas for mydlink connections to protect data that i dont want to share full access?  And another question. Can i share some url for nas access with people without giving them login/password to mydlink account (i'm a little affraid of the button 'remove account', to which they get an access with login/password). And by the way the third. :) Seems like mydlink web interface doesnt see symbol links. Isnt it?