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Title: DSL-520B - dead - blinking LAN + DSL LEDs - don't throw it away just yet
Post by: lewekleonek on April 12, 2014, 06:42:27 PM
Last night I lost my internet connection.  It was getting late so I thought that something popped on the ISP's end.  I started standard debugging by trying to reconnect; nope that wouldn't work.
Next on my list was to cycle the power on the modem (DSL-520B) itself.  Great!  It did come back but instead of the standard light show, I was getting synchronous blinks from LAN and DSL LEDs. This was pretty ominous.
In the next hour or so:
1. dug up my old speadstream 5200 - it does connect - great; google time - somone mentions that they've run into the same thing; dlink told them the modem is dead ;(
2. I popped the modem open and right away started suspecting the broadcom BGA chip, but let's be logical...
3. I've plugged in the power adapter, connected multimeter to the power terminals - lo and behold the voltage was all over the place... 2V... 5.6V...10.5V

So if you scrolled down right to the bottom because of tl;dr syndrome:
The power adapter may be fried.  Change it - your modem may still work.  YMMV.  I've used power supply that came with SATA/PATA to USB adapter, but you may use any computer power supply or any power supply that provides 12V DC and you can draw 500mA current from it.  If you're good with soldering, then you'll have it up and running in no time.