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Title: External Microphone
Post by: mustangchris04 on March 19, 2014, 05:43:38 PM
Can anybody recommend a microphone for this camera that works well outdoors?

Some microphones I've seen require an external power supply. Does the 12v plug on the camera supply power out if I am using PoE to power the camera?

Title: Re: External Microphone
Post by: omle68 on March 22, 2014, 07:00:56 AM
I have not worked up a microphone yet to my camera. I am still researching what to use, but in my case I'm looking for a speaker and microphone together.

If you are just looking for an outdoor microphone for you camera, you could try some thing like these.

http://edigitaldeals.net/ets-sm1-w-weather-resistant-outdoor-microphone.html?gdftrk=gdfV2986_a_7c190_a_7c7369_a_7cSM1_d_W&gdftrk=gdfV2986_a_7c190_a_7c5699_a_7cSM1_d_W&gclid=CM7twoWmpr0CFSISMwodvSgAZQ (http://edigitaldeals.net/ets-sm1-w-weather-resistant-outdoor-microphone.html?gdftrk=gdfV2986_a_7c190_a_7c7369_a_7cSM1_d_W&gdftrk=gdfV2986_a_7c190_a_7c5699_a_7cSM1_d_W&gclid=CM7twoWmpr0CFSISMwodvSgAZQ)

http://www.deluxecctv.com/catalog/camera-audio-devices/omni-directional-weather-resistant-microphone-plate-1570.html?gclid=COCB14empr0CFckWMgodGD4AtQ (http://www.deluxecctv.com/catalog/camera-audio-devices/omni-directional-weather-resistant-microphone-plate-1570.html?gclid=COCB14empr0CFckWMgodGD4AtQ)