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Title: "Volume_2" Has Crashed.
Post by: uebi on February 22, 2014, 01:04:12 PM
Hi everybody!

I'm a happy DNS-320L user, but when my Volume_2 crashed I tried to replace the disk without any luck :-( The old drive (1TB) crashed. I put it out and the NAS was running just with Volume_1. Today I wanted to add a second drive again but after booting it says "Volume_2" Has Crashed in the log on the right (webui).

I took the drive out again, plugged it to my Windows PC and created an empty FAT partition. Put it back into the DNS-320L - same thing. The new drive is just 500 GB by the way. If I swap the drives (left to right) it says the same and Volume_1 is still there. So it seems that the drive itself (WD Green) is the problem.

Any help? Also tried a factory reset. Nothing. Enabled SSH and the drive is not seen in /dev, just the /dev/sda (Volume_1). A manual hdVerify writes hdVerify: "Volume_2" Has Crashed. to /var/log/user.log

Any help appreciated! :-)