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Title: aim and xbox times out
Post by: 2smooth on May 27, 2009, 11:41:06 AM
Well this is my problem,,, I bought the 4100  because my linksys was a piece of s***  and needed to be rebooted every so on days.. Now that I got the 4100 the connection uptime is fine,,  but it seems that  every time I play xbox it starts to time out  after a few games played, and on my computer my aol instant messager(aim)  seems to always sign me off or leave a certain chatroom that im idling in,, but weird thing is that my aol its self doesn't drop at all, just my aim, those r my only issues with it, plzz if some1 can help me I would appreciate it ,  everthing else is workin fine,, I stay connected I can download torrents  in good speed, its just my dam aim and my xbox is givin me problems.. And this is suppose to be a gammin router ;[  some1 heeeelppp mmeeeeeeee!!!!!