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Title: Live video not working with direct login on DCS-942L since firmware upgrade
Post by: pogmothon on November 10, 2013, 07:13:47 AM
I have been running two DCS-942L cameras for nearly a year, with direct login to the cameras over internet by direct IP login via fixed ports on my router. I did this daily from Europe for 4 months to monitor the cameras in my house in Australia. No problem, until I upgraded firmware to 1.22.  Now, after a fresh power-up of both cameras, I lose direct video after a few hours, with all other functions working fine.  I can see the video feeds via programs such as iSpy, but not when I log on via explicit IP address.  This happens with two different computers, one running Windows 7, and the others XP, so it is a problem with some streaming application in the cameras themselves.  Any suggestions?