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Title: NAS & mydlink.com Using My Surveillance
Post by: froad on October 13, 2013, 05:07:56 AM
Hello:  I have a couple dlink camera's, dlink router and a NAS - need a bit of help with mydlink.com

Camera's are 942L - router is a 845L NAS is a 327L

When I try to use mydlink.com to access camera's, I am limited in that I can only see the "file" & "settings" selections for the My Surveillance part.  I can not change the settings on the recording options or even play back from the saved data.  Have I set something up wrong or ??

The other thing I want to so is set up the NAS as a "ftp" so that the camera's can record to a file that can be seen and used in windows.  The "normal" recording done with the Surveillance Center is stored in a way that I can not see the file or even find it for that matter - hence if I can get the ftp part working - I can access the files remotely.  Still would really like to do it through the my surveillance part of the mydlink access remotely though - the better options.

Thanks -