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Title: No volumes available
Post by: stephil on October 11, 2013, 02:50:20 AM
I'm owner of a DNS-320L since a month now and I have already changed hard disks for two reasons :
a) double space (from 2x500b to 2x1T RAID0)
b) once I got "No Volumes Available" from within ShareCenter software and as I suspected one disk to be defective already I decided to swap.

However, yesterday while refreshing the media library in ShareCenter I got the same message.
I checked within disk utilities and it appeared like no disk was available, only the option  to create the RAID volume and format it was there.
But the disks were perfectly working and let availble in thehome network as all attached PCs could have access to NAS disk (mapped) and perfectly browse the folders with Explorer and even reproduce media files.
What could be the reason?