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Title: Setup dcs 5020 with a wireless router
Post by: tyknlsc on August 03, 2013, 07:07:14 AM

I just bought a dcs5020 to be setup in my office.  In the office, we only have a tplink portable router connected to a USB modem stick.  There is no ethernet port from the portable router.

As such, may I know how do I setup the camera?  Because there is nothing to connect the the camera during setup.  The portable router wireless have a ssid and password setup.

My plan is to setup the camera to hookup the wireless network and then view over my mobile phone.
Many thank in advance.
Title: Re: Setup dcs 5020 with a wireless router
Post by: pish180 on August 05, 2013, 01:25:39 PM
Sounds like the argument. which came first chicken or the egg?  So without DHCP the camera will not have an IP which means you can't connect to it is assign it a manual IP.  If you are technical you can try the following.

If you have WDS on the router you could try that method first to connect the device?  (not sure if this will work because I think the wireless is disabled by default, perhaps the button turns on wireless).

If not I think you may have to get a "dummy router" with DHCP so you can access the admin page and setup the router manually.  You will need this near your wireless AP so you can connect it to that network. (probably your best solution).  Just make sure you have all the settings configured before you connect to the wireless portion because you will most likely have a different IP address.

You could also setup Internet connection sharing (ICS) on windows and get a cross over cable and connect the camera.  You should be able to find the IP address and connect to it via the browser and configure the router. (probably the best option if you are familiar with ICS in windows and WPS didn't work).