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Title: Latency 600ms 1 hops slow
Post by: svelo on July 30, 2013, 02:00:09 AM

I have a router Cisco RV220W and camera DCS-932L.

When I have only the laptop connected to the router the ping respons toward the router is 1-3ms
At soon as a camera is connected the ping respons is 300-800ms (some times 1000-2000ms).

Wifi connection => Router and camera (2.4Ghz N)
Have tried to change from N to G, same problem.

Tried to change firewall settings on router:
Block UDP Flood
Block Anonymous ICMP Messages
Block Fragmented Packets
Block Multicast Packets
Stealth Mode

No good result

Cpu on router is running 2% (have runned on 100%, but still same result)
Memory on router 40%

Bit rate on camera is 886Kbps up to 1098Kbps

Latest firmware on both router and camera.

Need help :-)
Becourse the latency is to high and interact with normal web surfing.