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Title: Beta Firmware 1.10 Build 07 Release Notes (updated 04/12/2011)
Post by: D-Link Multimedia on May 15, 2009, 10:59:20 AM

**NOTE** Although AFT is now supported, there is still a limitation of 2TB per bay. The simplest reason is that in order to format above 2TB the device would have to support GPT partitioning which it currently only supports MBR.

1. UPNP AV Server updated to DLNA 1.5 Certified.
2. No password is needed under Vista/Win7 in Open Mode.
3. Bugfix : after refreshing the "Schedule Download" page, some tasks would be deleted occasionally.
4. Extend the accessible file and folder of FTP server from 2000 to 10,000.
5. Bugfix : usb hotplug unable to work after upgrade busybox version to v1.11.2.
6. Bonjour is built-in.
7. NAS now supports AutoIP (ie 169.254.x.x) instead of defaulting to
8. Start to rebuild automatically in Normal to Raid1 migration even if "Auto Rebuild" is not set by user.
9. Support AFT Drives (4k Drives).

Build 06/07
1. Change the Advanced Format popup message slightly for formatting.
2. Auto rebuild will be performed immediately when migrating from Normal to Raid1 to ensure data integrity.
3. FIX: "Reconfigure to Raid1" not working with some brand of disks with same size and same model name.
4. FIX: While in standalone mode, the existing Volume is not allowed to perform scandisk when a new disk being inserted without formatting.