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Title: Avoid DIR-827
Post by: Slomar on July 09, 2013, 05:54:04 PM
My two cents.  Mods (who genuinely put in a lot of work... Furry) please feel free to delete.

I really wish I would have done a little more research before buying a mid-tier router.  The last official firmware update was in November!  I just reverted to my DIR-655 again and there have been two more firmware updates this year (2013)!  Talk about a huge difference between "flagship" and junker.  To add insult to injury, check out my case for the xbox wireless issue.  I put in over 3 hours of "troubleshooting" and logged the case with DLINK only to hear crickets for the last 7 months.  Typically, I'm pretty loyal to a quality brand, hence the upgrade from 655 to 827.  Initially, I even thought about the DIR868L, but the 827 experience has led me to another conclusion.  Avoid the headache.  Next router = ASUS RT-AC66U.  Should you stumble on this venting post, may I suggest smallnetbuilder dot com before your next purchase.
Title: Re: Avoid DIR-827
Post by: FurryNutz on July 09, 2013, 07:01:56 PM
Well I must say, that I do understand the frustration to a point however, to completely put the 827 down and at fault since it hasn't been fully proven to be either a D-Link or MS issue, is a bit premature. And to hold it against the 827 for this only reason when there are other alternatives to using WiFi for gaming with this router seems a bit unfounded. I have this router and this being the only minor issue between D-Link wifi and MS xbox slims WiFi adapter not connecting at speeds, this router is very stable and rock solid and works well. I'm very happy to have it and would recommend it to anyone.

Until D-Link and or MS addresses the wifi issue which I do agree, there hasn't been any forth coming information as of yet, there are other means to gaming with this router and the xbox slim, either by wired LAN or by connecting a different wireless adapter to the xbox slim such as I have done with my roommates xbox. While even though he sometimes is annoyed with my various tests and different uses of adapters for testing purposes, I do ensure that when it comes time for gaming, his gaming connection is stable and at speed of the wifi on the supporting routers I with with. I've connected a DIR-865L, 2 non-D-Link APs in bridge mode for testing these modes with various routers I test with including the 827. All work well as an alternative to the built in Wifi adapter on the slim. I just acquired a DAP-1533 and have been testing it out on my 1st gen 360 and works well for a xbox with out WiFi.

I'd rather use something with a better and faster WiFi connection for gaming than what the slims WiFi can do only at 65Mb. Why to use a connection 300Mb or faster for gaming. The MS WiFi adapter seems limiting in that regard.

I have taken notice of the original posting and just the other day I had sent a follow up email to D-Link asking for any information on this. I'm still waiting to see if there will be any information. Again, this issue is between D-Link and MS. It has also been seen on Net Gear routers as well so this is not an isolated to D-Link alone. Yes I have seen issue with the slims WiFi and a few newer generation routers and I do need to follow up to see if the DIR-868L/826L is doing the same thing. I can only presume that the issue could still be seen as my last test was on a DIR-865L which exhibited this issue. I'll try to test this this week.

We understand the frustrations and the wanting of it to just work like it does on the 655. However the 827 is a good working router regardless of this minor issue.

I'll close this thread since it's already related to the one started here by you:
http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=50107 (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=50107)

If your not willing to try other alternatives with this router or be patient for D-Link to review, investigate and find out where the problem is, then you'll need to of course, find a better solution in a router that works for you. Again, this doesn't mean that this router is a bad router. This is an isolated problem.

Good Luck.
Title: Re: Avoid DIR-827
Post by: Slomar on July 10, 2013, 06:37:58 AM

Your reply, as always, was a lot more fair than my initial post.  I'd like to clear up one thing.  While I love my xbox for gaming, the real issue here is in-house media streaming.  I'm excited to see where the Xbox One will take us on that front, but I've already got one of the key features through Xbox Media Center.  That application's requirements for data flow far exceed the gaming aspect or any streaming applications through my ISP.  They are local and intense.  MS has always recommended hard wiring, mostly because wireless couldn't keep up even through a 54mbps connection.  The DIR-655 was the first to make it happen with Draft N and data rates up to 300mbps.  To be fair, the 827 can do that too.  In fact, it can do it with two xbox's running Xbox Media Center at the same time in Hi-Def!  That's if you spring for external wireless adapters.  My point is that this should work out of the box.  If not, the firmware should be fixed.  

My main concern is that this isn't the only issue.  IP config issues, dropped connectivity and multiple device issues force me to reboot every week or so.  Stability is a big factor and Firmware typically helps those issues.  It did for the 655 and that's up to FW 1.37 right now.  That's 37 fixes over the last 7 years.  827 has had 4 and Canadian beta...

To be fair to those that want the current flagship... the 868L is only 159.99 (139.99 last week) at Office Depot right now.

Title: Re: Avoid DIR-827
Post by: FurryNutz on July 10, 2013, 07:38:22 AM
Ya, video streaming anything at 54Mb WiFi is not going to have a good experience.

If your having IP config issues, I feel that your problems are you seeing could be configuration related and not FW related. Since the arrival of my 827, it has been rock solid in this area and I don't exhibit any IP configuration issues what so ever. And I have several devices on my network. Not all going at the same time however all reserved and setup in the router so that each one gets it's own IP address when they connect either wired or wireless.

Just to be fair that since the 655 Rev A is a draft N router that of course, it would see more fixes due to it's early intro into the Wireless N world and having to deal with that development cycle. Since then there has been changes and all the fixes seen in the 655 would have partially have migrated to some of the other model routers in those areas that are supporting of it. So to be fair, the 827 wouldn't see or shouldn't see as many fixes as the 655 since the 827 isn't a draft N router and is also a different platform and CPU than the 655 is. Going forward fixes should be related to things that they didn't catch during early development, feature changes they implement and un-foreseen security issues we as customers and users might find.

Over all I think there is other factors in your experiences with your 827, weather it be environment, your client side HW or configuration, I think there is something going on there that needs to be investigated more. The unit I received was from a forum user whom could not get his to work. Since arriving here, the router has been rock solid. So I can only presume there is either a environment issue or a mis-configuration. These routers do work out of the box. There is some additional understanding of how routers work, configured and what other factors that users and people need to understand that can effect how ANY router works. And not just always expecting it to work, which for the most part, they do work very well.  ::) Have you tested your 827 at a different location by chance?  :o

Maybe someone can review your router settings with you using Link> teamviewer (http://www.teamviewer.com) if your interested. Its safe and secure.

Title: Re: Avoid DIR-827
Post by: Patrick533 on July 17, 2013, 06:33:21 PM
From day 1 with an Actiontec router the Xbox 360 has been nothing but a thorn in my side as far as WiFi goes. When the WiFi blew out of my kids slim was one of the happiest day of my life! I tried that POS Xbox with just about every router I could get me hands on.

I did run into a problem after about a year where I had to go reset the DIR-827 and ALL of the clients, it seemed EVERYTHING was confused. Once I reset the IP's on all the clients and the DIR-827, harmony has once returned. What did it, I have no clue. It seemed nothing would work. I even reset my wired clients. I don't know if it was a IPV6 or IPV4 issue, nothing worked. That was about the time I got a new cable modem though. But I reset the new cable modem and the router several times, not until I cleared everything was I able to get it rock solid.

The DIR-827 is rock solid here, no problem with 3 slims playing live and a RockU streaming HD.  ;D