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Title: Two 942L Cameras: Wrong video/picture shown in settings
Post by: zentaco on May 18, 2013, 07:18:58 PM
I have 2 cameras, both model DCS-942L/A3.  Let's call them "Camera-A" and "Camera-B".

Both cameras are working and can be viewed on-line from mydlink.com.

Both cameras are on the same network, but Camera-B is plugged into a Wi-Fi Range Extender (Amped Wireless REC10).  The range extender is plugged into a power outlet and Camera-B is plugged into it via a CAT-5 cable.

ISSUE: On mydlink.com, when I go into the settings for Camera-B, which is connected through the Wi-Fi range extender, the video and picture for Camera-A is being shown.  Everything else is correct - the IP, recording settings, etc are for Camera-B, but the video and picture is from the other camera.  Which means I can't change the motion detection area because it's the wrong image.  Also, motion detection is not working for Camera-B.  It shows the microSD card and I can format it, but it's not recording anything.

Not that it matters, but it's the same result using IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera.

When initially setting up the cameras, I installed Camera-A first, then Camera-B two days later.  When installing/setting up Camera-B on the local network (with my laptop), using the dcs942L setup wizard, everything worked.  The second camera was detected and the video/picture settings were correct.

Going to try removing the Wi-Fi Range Extender and plugging Camera-B straight into the router like Camera-A.  I'll post my results..