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Title: DNS-320 - RAID-1 is NOT a Backup
Post by: JavaLawyer on February 06, 2013, 01:45:20 PM
Contrary to popular belief, RAID-1 is not an acceptable backup strategy for storing data.

Why RAID-1 is NOT a Backup

Separate Physical Backup

The best possible backup strategy requires removing all physical and logical dependencies between the primary and backup storage locations.

* Note: The recycling bin option on newer ShareCenters may protect against deleted data (in some circumstances), but if this feature is accidentally disabled or doesn't function properly, deleted data is subject to permanent loss.
** Note: If a scheduled backup completes after an accidental data deletion or virus infection, it is possible that deletions/virus will propagate to the backup depending on how the backup software is configured and on whether the virus is detected prior performing the backup job.