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Title: Online Hotel Reservation system on Dlink router
Post by: hnijhar on January 06, 2013, 11:19:36 PM
Hello sir,
ok so I operate a hotel in alberta, and we have a reservation software from "Five Star Hotel Systems" that we use to check people in and make reservations etc., The software also has a Web Reservation Software: the web reservation system lets people make reservations online and it goes straight into our computer.
So heres the story:
We had a Dlink di 604 setup and working for all this. When someone would go to out website and click on make a reservation, a new website would open showing him/her rates and bed sizes, etc. Yesterday, I went to update my Dlink Di 604(for no reason) and it got bricked(i think). When ever I plug it in now, it will turn on and be on for a minute, then restart and do it again, it stopped working. I saved the router settings to my computer before updating. Now, I put a Dlink Dir 605L, where the di 604 used to be and now everuthing works, but the online reservation software doesnt. The static ip of the router is the exact same as the one that my online reservation routes to(example: if you click the online reservation, the url changes to https://109.323.56.1, 109.323.56.1 is the static ip of my router. Is there anything you could help me with?? Is there anyway I could un brick my dlink di 604? Is there any way that I could open the config.bin file that i got when i saved the settings of my router to the desktop and i could read the info and transfer it to my new router?
Title: Re: Online Hotel Reservation system on Dlink router
Post by: FurryNutz on January 07, 2013, 07:24:58 AM
Link>Welcome! (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=41537.0)
What Hardware version is your router? Look at sticker under router.
Link>What Firmware (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=47512.0) version is currently loaded? Found on routers web page under status.

Has a Factory Reset been performed?

What ISP Service do you have? Cable or DSL?
What ISP Modem do you have? Stand Alone or built in router?
What ISP Modem make and model do you have?
If this modem has a built in router, it's best to bridge the modem. Having 2 routers on the same line can cause connection problems.
Double NAT (http://www.practicallynetworked.com/networking/fixing_double_nat.htm)
To tell if the modem is bridged or not, look at the routers web page, Status/Device Info/Wan Section, if there is a 192.168.0.# address in the WAN IP address field, then the modem is not bridged.
If the modem can't be bridged then see if the modem has a DMZ option and input the IP address the router gets from the modem and put that into the modems DMZ.
Check ISP MTU requirements, Cable is usually 1500, DSL is around 1492 down to 1472. Call the ISP and ask.

Some things to try: - Log into the routers web page at Use IE, Opera or FF to manage the router.
Turn off ALL QoS (http://vonage.nmhoy.net/qos.html) or Disable Traffic Shaping (DIR only) GameFuel (DGL only and if ON.) options. Advanced/QoS or Gamefuel.
Turn off Advanced DNS Services if you have this option under Setup/Internet/Manual.
Turn on DNS Relay under Setup/Networking.

Set Firewall settings to Endpoint Independent for TCP and UDP under Advanced/Firewall.
Enable uPnP and Multi-cast Streaming under Advanced/Networking. Disable uPnP for testing Port Forwarding rules.

Link>Wireless Installation Considerations (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=48327.0)
What wireless modes are you using? Under Setup/Wireless/Manual.
Try single mode G or N or mixed G and N?
Channel Width set for Auto 20/40Mhz or try 20Mhz only.
Try setting a manual channel to a open or unused channel. 1, 6 or 11. 11 for single mode N if the channel is clear.
What security mode are you using? Preferred security is WPA-Personal. WPA2/AES Only. Some WiFi adapters don't support AES, so you might want to try TPIK only or Auto.
Turn off WISH, and WPS under Advanced.
Try turning off Short GI, WLAN Partition,and Extra Wireless Protection if you have it. Under Advanced/Advanced Wireless.
Enable WMM Enable (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=50738.0) Under Advanced/Advanced Wireless.

Turn off all anti virus and firewall programs on PC while testing. 3rd party firewalls are not generally needed when using routers as they are effective on blocking malicious inbound traffic.
Turn off all devices accept for one wired PC while testing.

Check cable between Modem and Router, swap out to be sure. Link> Cat6 is recommended. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAT6)

Does the hotel reservation software use any specific port numbers or need any sort of port forwarding? I would contact the Mfr of the reservation SW and see if there is any specific networking configuration needed on DLink routers.
Title: Re: Online Hotel Reservation system on Dlink router
Post by: hnijhar on January 07, 2013, 12:58:24 PM
Its a speed touchmodem on dsl. The router is a Dir 605l running firmware 1.13. The softwarecompany charges for customer support. Ill try doing dmz and virtual server
Title: Re: Online Hotel Reservation system on Dlink router
Post by: FurryNutz on January 07, 2013, 01:01:06 PM
Ok, make sure if your DSL modem has a built in router that you need to bridge the ISP DSL Modem and let the 605L router handle the PPPoE connection.

Please let us know if DMZ and VS help to fix this.