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Title: DCS Network Cameras - When I Attempt to Install New Firmware, the Upload Fails
Post by: JavaLawyer on January 03, 2013, 06:49:21 AM
In some cases, D-Link stores firmware in a compressed archive. Attempting to install the compressed archive into a DCS IP camera will cause the upload to fail.


If the firmware is located in a compressed archive (e.g. zip extension), expand the firmware prior to uploading into the DCS IP camera. The expanded firmware file should contain a .bin extension, which will only be visible if Show File Extensions is enabled in Windows.

Why Does D-Link "Sometimes" Place Firmware in Archives?

D-Link often includes a change log file with released firmware, listing the new functionality and bug fixes of the latest firmware version. The firmware file and accompanying change log are often bundled in an archive to ensure that these files are delivered as one package for end-user convenience.

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