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Title: Unstable connection with new 930L
Post by: jarborra on December 27, 2012, 12:06:31 PM

I've had two 932Ls for a year and they work fine. Both installed trouble-free and have been used with motion-detection wirelessly. I often go straight to their local IPs in my browser to make any changes to settings etc (avoiding myDlink).

I just bought two 930Ls (don't need/want the IR-function on these) and tried to install them. Process went seemingly smooth but once the camera was installed and wireless, problems started to crop up. As I saved settings in the web interface, I would get 404 "page not found" errors. Refreshing would make it work again...sometimes. More often than not, I cannot reach it through the web interface and the camera reads "disconnected" in D-ViewCam. It usually works on myDlink though.

I've checked all the network and wireless settings and they are identical to my 932Ls. The connection is just unstable for some reason. The problems are apparent in the web interface and D-ViewCam which also means I can't trust the motion detection and emailing function. It is also NOT visible in my Windows 7 network environment, whereas the two 932Ls (and my entire Sonos network) do show up there. What gives?

The 930L is running firmware 1.04 and the 932Ls are running 1.02. I know there is a 1.06 available but before I try that I'd like to get your views on this problem. Has anyone else experienced it? Could it be a faulty unit? I don't want to fight through this problems - if it persists I'd rather return the cameras and buy two more expensive 932Ls and just turn off the IR in the interface. Or is this a known issue with the 1.04 firmware?

EDIT: Even writing this right now, the camera suddenly popped back up on the web interface inexplicably, without me doing anything. Oh, and back up on D-View Main Console.
Title: Re: Unstable connection with new 930L
Post by: jarborra on December 27, 2012, 03:18:57 PM
Turns out the problem was with IP assignment by my router. For some reason, the Dlink camera was getting the same IP as my NAS...and that was why it was dropping connection all the time. I have reassigned IPs and now it seems to be working, shows up in Windows Network and I can access the web interface through my browser.

So lesson learned: check your MAC and IP addresses!
Title: Re: Unstable connection with new 930L
Post by: JavaLawyer on December 30, 2012, 12:03:46 PM
Brief tutorial: DCS IP Cameras - Why Did My Camera IP Address Change? (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=50424.0)