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Title: "Red light" on one of the adapters
Post by: Robeman on August 29, 2012, 02:53:46 AM
Hi, I bought and installed 4 of the DHP-306AV adapters a week ago.
3 of them are installed on the first floor of my house and are working perfect with green light on the speed indicator LED.
But number 4, installed on the second floor and used for Boxee/sat box/TV/Bluray indicates red light most of the time. Sometimes, only for a few seconds, light turns to amber or green then back to red again.
What can cause this problem? I have connection to the network but as the light inicates it's less then 50 Mbps, a bit to slow with 4 units connected and HD film streaming to the Boxee box.
Title: Re: "Red light" on one of the adapters
Post by: ambercap on February 18, 2013, 01:31:35 AM
I have a similar problem. I have just 2 DHP-306AV units (both h/w rev A1). The 1st unit always shows an orange light (occasionally green), while its peer always shows a red light. The Powerline utility shows a speed of 200Mb/s for the 1st unit and between 18 and 78 for the 2nd (or vice versa if run from the other side). I would think that both units must show the same quality indication at all times.

Also, while I achieve a d/l speed of 30Mb via WiFi, I only get about 8-11Mb via the AV units - even when the Powerline utility shows above 30Mb. So I'm really unhappy with their performance.

(If I swap the units' locations, it is still the same unit (number 2) that has the red light.)

I seem to recall having a green light on both about a year ago when I first got them, so perhaps the one unit has developed a h/w fault? Now out of warranty unfortunately.