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Title: Overheating 615 - My Solution!
Post by: shinypaper on May 27, 2012, 05:58:28 PM
Hey guys,

First off I'm new here so hello everyone. :)

A few weeks ago I began having issues with my 615 arbitrarily dropping connections and so on which turned out to be an overheating router, due to sudden hot weather here in the UK, and I just wanted to share how I solved it. My solution was to dremel a hole in the case just big enough to fit a small, silent 12v brushless fan I salvaged from a wrecked computer's PSU, which would then rest on the PCB without any real fixtures. I even drilled some small holes in the side of the case for air to exit. This was fine though because the router is never moved around. Rather than solder the fan onto the power jack socket connections inside to use the unit's own supply, I used an old, disused multi-adaptor and ran the fan cables out of a small hole at the back. The benefit of that was that it didn't add any strain to the router's PSU as this was already under some load after messing around with transmit power in dd-wrt. Another small advantage is that I get voltage control on the fan for slowing on cooler days.

While there's no denying this mod is crude and unsightly, it works well for me. Some more inventive folks may want to add a passive heatsink - no sound, no dust.

Wordy explanation out of the way, here are the pics. Let me know what you think!  :D




Title: Re: Overheating 615 - My Solution!
Post by: onebyside on June 17, 2012, 09:58:17 AM
nice, cool is good